Help us launch an online community newspaper for the Body of Messiah in Israel!

You can help make this vision a reality in 2015!



Since 2006, has been developed, maintained, and funded by one person. Recently, a US non-profit organization called Kehila Ministries International was established to fund the vision of We are approved as a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization for US taxpayers.

Our Funding Needs to Launch a Community Newspaper

We plan to hire writers within the Messianic Community in Israel to write journalistic articles covering anything related to the Messianic community in Israel. Additionally, our writers will share human interest stories and interviews with members of the Messianic community in Israel. Lastly, we plan to have multiple freelance community writers share their commentaries and perspectives on Israel and world news from various Israeli Messianic points of view.
Our plan is to first launch in English and Hebrew and then add Russian and Arabic as funding permits. The next phase is to include the Asian and European languages.
We currently have no paid staff. Our plan is to hire a small part-time team within the Messianic community in Israel to perform administrative, support, and marketing tasks.
Website design and development
Our goal is to hire a professional software company to design and develop a new multi-language news website to serve as the online community newspaper platform.
Building a large online audience is expensive, but sharing it is free. The audience that is seeking to draw is for the benefit of others. By being aware of, people will, in turn, be aware of the “many parts of the Body” in the Messianic community in Israel.